this site is wip

it will be a love letter to weirdo enstars instagram accounts(tsumugi shirt, enstars basement, etc),cultstars and those who just put their dicord names and inside jokes over enstars gifs, komaeda love mail, pinky and pepper forever, some fanfics, monster prom and other such weirdo things done with an existing franchise

this tale starts soon in a certain idol highschool...

story will be 16+ as it will mention depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, etc etc. a bit more direct about these things than the cannon enstar stories but kinda like that. so its just all the enstars tw and some more

1st part should be done within 2-3 months. im mostly doing this to test my coding,art, editing and shitty writing abilities and also bc i am messed up in the head and find the concept of putting anime idols into this kinda story funny af!

hope u have a nice day ^^